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Welcome to Freeton

Free TON welcomes the Indian subcontinent to explore a community-driven movement towards a decentralized open internet. 

Get started is the Indian subcontinent's portal into the world of Free TON - learn more about our community. 

Choose Your Wallet 

Free TON's crystals require a wallet for safe storage and transactions. 

Get TON 

Free TON's currency units are called TON Crystals -  they fuel all activities on the TON Blockchain. 

Use DApps 

Explore decentralized applications (DApps), websites and more that are powered by TON. 


Win TON 

Free TON hosts contests and challenges on national and global levels. Winning submissions are rewarded generously with Crystals. 

Build Your Own 

Free TON hosts contests and challenges on national and global levels. Winning submissions are rewarded generously with Crystals. 

Work for Us 

Free TON opens its gates to the Indian subcontinent for developers, community-builders and more. Submit your proposal for grants and   pave your way into the world of Free TON. 

Explore Free TON India


Knowledge is Key - Learn More about Free TON

Update your knowledge about Free TON and how the community makes sure it is scalable, secure, sustainable, and most importantly, open to all.


Free TON for Businesses

Using Free TON tech, businesses can create new models, exchange service, reduce costs and future-proof their infrastructure. 


Join The Community

Free TON wouldn't be where it is today without our diverse community of dedicated volunteers. We're always looking for more members - let's find you a niche! 


Contribute to Free TON India

Ideas change the world. We're open to your suggestions, proposals and contributions. Any remarks on the content on this website, ideas for possible new features or bug fixes would be highly appreciated - and rewarded. 

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What is Free TON? 

The Free Telegram Open Network (FreeTON for short) is a free, open source network that aims to create an accessible ecosystem for everyone on the planet, governed by a decentralized, autonomous organization. 


It's open to you and everyone on earth - for and by the people in every sense of the word. Free TON has an interesting and revolutionary history. Learn more: 

A Scalable and Secure System of Blockchains 

Faster than Bitcoin. Decentralized, swift and safe. 

The Free TON platform scales vertically and processes millions of transactions per second, surpassing global payment systems and leading crypto-platforms. 


Free TON covers the needs of every use-case and edge-case of every blockchain out there, all the while ensuring the security of every single transaction.  


Free TON is the future. 


Learn more about how our blockchain functions. 

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Full Control of Your Assets and Privacy 

Everyday, we purchase 'free' internet third party services by inadvertently selling our personal data. Free TON offers an open source network where the only thing you need is a wallet - free and easy to set up. There is no need to divulge personal data, and you have full control over your assets.

Help us Develop the Future

Free TON and all its dApps are free, transparent and open source. Fork code, re-use the functions built by those before you. Interact and engage with the growing ecosystem, learn more about the community and develop your own applications.


FreeTON Today 

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