FreeTON powered tools and services

TON dApps are a growing movement of applications that use TON to disrupt business models or invent new ones.


Free TON dApps

Decentralized applications (Dapps), useful sites and web services created for the TON Blockchain researcher. Monitoring, chat, bots, gaming and more, all built on Free TON. 


If you're a developer, you can build your own application with Free TON Technology. Head over to the Developers category to learn more. 


Block Explorers 

TON Explorer 

Explore blockchains. View stats and details of the amount of blocks, transactions, messages, accounts and more.

Equal to TON Explorer in the amount of provided data, fully translated into 3 languages with additional developer blockchains (net, fld, game0, game1, game2, game3). 


Staking Pools


View the amount of validators and nominators and the total staked TON Crystals. Choose any pool from the list and stake crystals right from the app

P2P Validator

A safe non-custodial staking service that supports dozens of staking cryptocurrencies. View rewards and connect contracts for production on your computer or smartphones. 

Putting TON crystal to the exchange balance or CEX account automatically turns on staking. Rewards enrol automatically and raise your deposit. 


Play poker on Telegram. Activate the bot, use your wallet to replenish and withdraw crystals.  


Pressing the «Play Poker» button, the application is launched, with a lobby, different types of games (cash, tournaments, turbo) and tables with real players, making bets in Free TON currency. 


Works both from a desktop application and from a smartphone.