WHAT IS TON Crystals?

TON Crystals is digital money

Valid across the globe, used by the Free TON community to build, exchange and evolve. 

Current TON Crystal Price (INR) 
5.88% ↗

TON Crystals are cryptocurrency that you can
use on the internet, much like Bitcoin.
Here's how cryptocurrency is different from
traditional currency. 

It Belongs to You 

With Free TON, what's yours is fully yours. You control your assets, your wallet being your proof of ownership. No intermediaries or banks are involved. 

Protected by Cryptography 

Crypography secures and proves the value of cryptocurrency. It protects your funds, your wallets and the TON Crystals you trade with.

No Intermediaries 

Send and receive payment without involving intermediaries. Transactions are peer-to-peer, like offline cash transactions. Payments are always on your terms. 


Free TON is a global, decentralized community that does not involve any company or bank who can create more TON crystals or change the terms of use. 

Open to anyone

Free TON is open to everyone with an internet connection and a wallet on their device. You don't even need a bank account to get started. 

Distributed Fairly 

All TON Crystals are distributed among the community on non-financial terms. This makes it a good opportunity for early adapters to acquire coins by participating in the life of the community.

Want to buy some FreeTON ? It's common to mix up FreeTON and TON. More on FreeTON.

What makes TON Crystals special? 

There are lots of cryptocurrencies and tokens available today, but here's what makes TON Crystals unique. 

TON Crystals fuel and secure Free TON 

When you send TON Crystals or use a Free TON application, you pay a small fee in Free TON to use the network. This is an incentive for validators to process and verify what you are trying to do. 


Validators keep records in the Free TON community, to make sure no one is cheating. They get paid for these validating processes in small amounts of TON Crystals. 

This helps Free TON remain secure and free of centralized control. This is possible because of TON Crystals. Learn more about this. 

TON Crystals gain value with staking. When you stake your TON Crystal, you help Free TON remain secure while earning rewards. The threat of losing TON Crystals discourages potential attackers from jeopardizing the system. More on Staking. 

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What is Free TON?

If you'd like to know more about Free TON and the technology that powers it, check out this short guide. 

What is FreeTON ? 

TON Crystals underpin the Free TON Financial System

The Free TON Community works towards building a financial system that is peer-to-peer and accessible to everyone. 


TON Crystals function as collateral that enables the community to remain secure and decentralized. You can borrow, lend and earn interest on TON Crystals and other TON-backed tokens. 


What is DeFi? 

Free TON works with a decentralized financial (DeFI) system. This overview will tell you more about what you can do in a DeFi. 

DeFI system

TON Crystals are constantly evolving

Free TON is a programmable system, which is why developers have been shaping the use of TON Crystals in numerous creative ways. 


You can do more than just transactions on Free TON from one account to another. Here are some of the new functions that TON Crystals have: 

  • Stream TON – pay someone or receive funds in real time. 

  • Swap tokens – trade TON Crystals with other tokens, including Bitcoin.

  • Earn interest – on TON Crystals and other Free TON-backed coins.

  • Get stablecoins – access the world of cryptocurrencies with a steady, less volatile value.

Buy TON Crystals 

You can buy TON Crystals from an exchange or a wallet. Different countries have varying policies on cryptocurrency. Check to see if your location lets you buy TON Crystals. 


Why does TON have value?

TON Crystals are valuable in many ways depending on how they're used. 


For those belonging to the Free TON community, TON Crystals are valuable because they enable the payment of transaction fees. 


Some people think of TON Crystals as a digital store of value because the creation of new TON Crystals will slow down over time. 


TON is valuable to users of financial apps on Free TON - you can use TON Crystals as collateral for crypto loans, or as a payment system. 


Many people approach TON Crystals as an investment, much like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency tokens. 

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The financial system for Free TON Crystals. 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

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Decentralized autonomous organisations (DAOs)

Virtual communities that are governed by token holders. Decentralized and surveillance-free. 

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Governance tokens

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NFTs - Collective Tokens

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