What is Free TON? 

The Future of Cryptocurrency 

Free TON is a free network, open to anyone who wants to be a part of it. All you need is a wallet. 


Free TON aims to make an accessible ecosystem with Turing-complete smart contracts, governed by a decentralized autonomous organization. 

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Digital Money for Everyone

Financial services are democratized with Free TON - all you need to lend, borrow, save and earn is an internet connection. 

Privacy Above All Else 

Free TON does not invade your privacy - we build an ecosystem that is based on value and consensus, not supervision. 

Remove the Middlemen 

Free TON is a decentralized, peer-to-peer network that allows you to make transactions and agreements directly without involving any intermediaries.

Complete Financial Freedom

Free TON is not controlled by any higher authority. The complete decentralization gives you control over how you send, receive and earn funds. 

Secure Transactions 

With a fairer playing field, business can be done in a secure environment where fund transfers are carried with consensus and mutual agreement. Anyone can do business - everyone is equal to Free TON. 

Compatible by Default 

Apps and products built based on Free TON are compatible with everyone in the community. This helps foster a healthy ecosystem that is constantly growing. 

Welcome to Free TON. Join our community. 

Everything You Need to Know about Free TON

The Free TON platform runs on a subset of workchains (working blockchains), their shardchains and their blocks. These are synchronized with the masterchain to update the 'ledger. 

Free TON has the capability to scale vertically and process millions of transactions per second. This is faster than both Bitcoin (7/sec) and VISA (65000/sec)

Free TON is one of the world's most programmable blockchain communities. 

We improve on existing crypto tech to create a decentralized, fast and customizable system for transactions and development. 

Free TON can do more than finance. Use it to build apps, games and spaces that are free from surveillance and censorship.  

How FreeTON works

Interested in Learning More About Free TON? 

Try Free TON 

A hands-on approach will give you a better idea of how Free TON works. Download a wallet, get some TON Crystals and use a dApp. Your journey begins now. 



TON Crystals 

Free TON's cryptocurrency token. Use TON Crystals on Free TON dApps or for transactions. 



Manage your TON Crystals and Free TON account. Choose your wallet carefully using our comprehensive guide. 



Decentralized applications, websites and services that run on Free TON, available for finance, work, social interaction, gaming and more! 

Discover Free TON

Free TON has helped create products and services that can improve your internet experience. The exciting part is that we're just getting started. 


Decentralized Finance

How your manage your ETH and your Ethereum account. You'll need a wallet to get started - we'll help you choose one

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Non-Fungible Tokens

How your manage your ETH and your Ethereum account. You'll need a wallet to get started - we'll help you choose one


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations 

DAOs help users collaborate and create online communities that pool in assets and work diligently towards a common goal. 

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Create with Free TON 

Go through our guidelines, tutorials and tools and try building your own products with Free TON. 

Join the Community 

The Free TON community is a diverse group of individuals scattered across the world. We have people from different beliefs and backgrounds, and you can be one of them.